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Clinton is a Certified Exercise Physiologist with 20 years of experience in Health and Wellness. His ability to develop Exercise Prescription Programs and build rapport with the community is unmatched.


    Group Swim Lessons, Online Stretch Classes, and Strength and Resistance Training available to help you maintain and improve your health.

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  • I have been working with Clint twice a week for over two years. He possesses great knowledge and wisdom of physical training and motivation. He takes his work seriously and he is always in a pleasant mood. He is well rounded in all aspects of physical training. He has included swimming and pool strengthening into my program as well. He keeps the workouts interesting by regularyly adding and changing up the methods. Clint sets an inspiring example of good health himself. He is a man of good character and it has been great getting to know him while he works with me to improve my health and fitness.

  • When I came to Mr. Maclin, I had a very poor A1C rating, out-of-shape, and lacking self-confidence. By working with him over the past several months, my A1C rating has dropped dramatically, I have lost weight at a healthy pace, I am much stronger physically, and I have developed more self-confidence. I can't emphasize enough the huge impact he has had on my health and wellness. Moreover, he is always genuinely concerned about one's well-belling -- wanting details of doctor's visits, your state of mind, and any challenges you might face. If you're looking for a great personal trainer, I promise you that you can't go wrong with Clinton Maclin. He is a blessing!

  • Three members of our family of varying ages and fitness levels have been working out with Clint a couple times a week for a few years now. He is professional, very knowledgeable, and continually challenges me. He changes up my workouts so they are never boring or repetitive. His expertise really shows in the way that he constantly monitors and corrects my form. This maximizes the effectiveness of my workout, while protecting me from injury -- so important! Clint really knows how to motivate, is always upbeat and encouraging, and has a great smile. I give him the highest possible recommendation.

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